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Top 10 Motivational Speakers 2019

– Who Are Motivational Speakers?

There are all motivational speakers change our ways of thinking, change your negative thinking into positive thinking’s. and first of all we all have to understand the thing in short, What Is Motivation?

Motivation is concerned with efforts towards a goal. It is a force that drives an individual to complete a task. Now Let’s talk about world top, 10 motivational speakers.

1. Tony Robbins

Born: Feb 29, 1960 (Tony Age Is 58 Years Old)

Height: 2.01m

Spouse: Sage Robbins

Childern: Jairek Robbins, Jolie Jenkins.

Top Books: Awaken The Giant Within, Unlimited Power, Notice From A Friend, Unleash The Power Within.

Tony Robbins Full Biography – Click Here

Motivational speakers 2019 -

Anthony Jai Robbins – Tony Robbins

His childhood was pretty rough.

His parents divorced when he was 7 years old. And money was always tight

His mother was an abusive alcoholic and a pill user. Having  spent  his tender and teenage years in a malfunctioning family. He work as a labour to support his younger siblings.

His mother forced  him to become a truck driver.

But he have some other plans to spend a better life. He always  dreamed to help other people in making a better living. After his mother  chased him out of their house with a knife. He broke with his family and left his education at the of 17.

He worked as a janitor to support himself.

But the things did not get better so he keeps hustling. And ultimately he linked up with self-help guru Jim Rohn in the 1980s. Jim Rohn gives him a chance to appear on stage and persue his dream. So he starts working really hard and read as much as books he can to polish his public speaking talent. And after working several years on Jim’s platform. Tony Robbins started working on his own books and programs, which became massively successful. He wrote some world-famous books which influence life of millions.

Tony Robbins Is World No.1 Motivational Speakers

“Setting goals is the first step in

Turning the invisible into the visible”

– Tony Robbins

2. Nick Vujicic

Born: December 4, 1982 (Age Of Nick Vujicic 37 Years Old)

Nick Wife: Kanae Miyara

Nick Is 4 Childern: Dejan Levi Vujicic, Kiyoshi James Vujicic, Olivia Mei Vujicic, Elie Laurel Vujicic

Top Books: Life Without Limits, Unstoppable, Love Without Limits,
The Power of Unstoppable Faith.

Nick Vujicic Full Biography – Click Here

Motivational speakers 2019 -

No Arms No Legs

Nicholas James Vujicic : biography is very hard and difficult but he made his life. Nick endeavored suicide however takes note of that he had an incredibly typical childhood.

Nicholas James : Thrived in his teenage and young adult years despite being bullied. After his mother showed him a  newspaper article about a man dealing with a severe disability and he started to give talks at his prayer group.

In 2005,

He established a worldwide non-benefit association and service,” Life Without Limbs”

In 2007,

Nick Vujicic established “Attitude Is Altitude, a common motivational talking organization. He featured in the short film “The Butterfly Circus” He was granted best actor in a short film for his featuring execution as will.

February 2012

Nick Wedded “Kanae  Miyahara” The couple has 4 children and lives in southern California. They merried on February 12/2012. He showcases a DVD for youngster titled” No Arms, No Legs, No Worries!

Nick Vujicic World No.2 Motivational Speakers 2019

“The Victory Is Not When I Stand Up.

The Victory Is When I Realize I Can Not Do It My Own”

– Nick Vujicic

3. Eric D. Thomas

Born: September 3, 1970 (Age Of Eric Is  49 Years Old)

Occupation motivational speaker , Consultant coach,

Father: Gerald Mundy

Mother: Vernessa Thomas

Nickname: E T the hip hop preacher

Eric Thomas Full Biography – Click Here

Motivational speakers 2019 -

You Have Only 24 Hours

If you only have 24 hours in a day, your success is depended upon how you use the 24. You gotta hear me people talk about Oprah Winfrey.

You know Ted Turner? Warren Buffet?

Read Carefully, I don’t care how much money you make. You only get 24 hours in a day. And the difference between Oprah and the person that’s broke, Is Oprah uses her 24 hours wisely.

That’s it, read carefully, that’s it.

You get 24. I don’t care if you broke, You grew up broke, I don’t care if you grew up rich, I don’t care if you’re in college, you’re not in college. You only get 24 hours. And I blew up literally.

I went from being a high school dropout

To selling 6,000 books in less that 6 months what happened in my 24 hours I was like okay Eric you gotta get a grip on your 24 hours cause you about to be broke for the rest of your life and that’s I need to do for me. I can tell you all about your life if you just write down your 24-hour schduele for me. You Just Once let me look at it, I can tell you where you’re going to be in 5 years, I can tell you where you’re gonna be in 10 years, I can tell you where you’re going to be in 20 years If you keep that schedule.

Eric D. Thomas is worlds top 3 Occupation and world no.3 motivational speakers, Consultant coach,

I do not take constructive criticism from

People who have never constructed anything.”

– Eric D. Thomas

4. Robert Kiyosaki

Born: April 8, 1947 (Kiyosaki age is 71 years old)

Father: Ralph H. Kiyosaki

Mother: Marjorie O. Kiyosaki

Top Books: “Rich Dad Poor Dad”

Robert Kiyosaki Full Biography – Click Here

Robert Kiyosaki - Motivational Speakers 2019 -

Welcome To Robert Kiyosaki’s

The business Man of the 21st century. and motivational speakers

Robert Kiyosaki is recognized internationally as one of today’s leading financial experts the author of the best-selling which “Rich Dad Poor Dad” his books have been translated into 51 languages in 109 countries and sold more than 28 million copies worldwide.

Robert has spent his life educating people on how to attain financial freedom, now through special video presentation, he explains why network marketing is indeed the business of the 21st century, and how you can take advantage of its opportunities to create the life you desire.

World No.4 Motivational Speakers 2019

“When you are young
Work to learn, Not to earn”

– Robert Kiyosaki

5. T. Harv Eker

Born: June 10, 1954 (T. Harv Eker age is 65 years old)

T. Harv Eker has 2 Children.

Movies: The Compass

Top Books: “Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind”

t. harv eker - motivational speakers 2019

T. Harv Eker –

How to know what  your passion is in life?

Do you want to know what your passion is? it’s simply a reflection of who you really are. What you really believe in what you enjoy, what you want to be around, and what you love to do.

Your passions do not come from your head its comes from your heart. Your passion is not something you have to do, its something you really want to do. it’s something you might do even if you weren’t being paid for it. it’s something you might do as a hobby or in your spare time for fun end enjoyment. In short,

If you don’t really, really, really, enjoy it, if it’s not something you fervently believe in, if it doesn’t resonate with your heart and your spirit, well, it’s not your passion,


there’s a ton we talk about with this whole entire topic, but for now, let me just ask you this question.

What are some things you absolutely love to do? Just think about that for a moment . . .

These are things that you rarely ever have a hard time getting yourself up for. In fact, you actually look forward to it and that’s the secret. That’s why some people can say, they actually look forward to going to work. Now, what about other people they trudge through their day and wonder how can anybody say that they actually look forward to going to work its because they actually do look forward to their work because it’s in their area of passion.

Now, let me warn you that passion is not the same thing as pleasure, there’s a big difference pleasure are generally short-term gratifications.

Pleasures, Well they come and go,

passions are consistent and rooted deep inside you,  you and they stay with you for years, or decades or even for a lifetime. there are no mistakes in the universe. there’s no right and there’s no wrong. you love what you love. you are passionate about something for a reason and that reason has a purpose, in short,

if you don’t love what you do, there’s a very good chance you won’t do it.
and for sure, you won’t give it 100% of your energy your focus.
true or true?

T. Harv Eker Is World No.5 Motivational Speakers 2019

“Your Income Can Only Grow

To The Extent That You Do”

– T. Harv Eker

6. Brian Tracy

Born: January 5, 1944 (Brian Tracy age is 75 years old)

Movies: Secret Of Self-Mad Mllionaires

Top Books: Maximum Achievement, Million Dollar Habbits

Brian Tracy Full Biography – Click Here

Brian Tracy - Motivational Speakers 2019 -

– Brian Tracy – one of best motivational speakers

– Most Important Success Principle

One of the most important rule I ever learned, was from a man who studied success for 54 years.

M.R Kopmeyer, died at the age of 89. And he had developed a thousand success principles and wrote 250 principles and four books and the books sold 50 million copies wordwide.
I got all the books, early in my career. Read them from cover to cover. And then TY Boyd, one of the great old motivational speakers.

So I met him, finally in his old age, and I Said “Mr. Kopmeyer”. I said, “if you can pick one of those 1,000 success principles, the most important of all for success, what would it be? And I remember, I still remember this moment, he smiled at me, a little twinkle in his eyes, an older man. And he said “Brian.” He said like he’d been asked this question many times, he said Brian the most important success principle of all, is learned from the experts “He said” you’ll never live long enough to learn it all by yourself. So what you do, you find an expert, who will take you by the hand, and will teach you the business, teach you the game.

They’ll give you the success formulas. And then you take action on those formulas, and you don’t change them you don’t deviate, you don’t go off the reservation. You do exactly what the experts taught you, or are teaching, until you mastered the craft until you’ve gotten the same success that they have.

Brian Tracy Is World No.6 Motivational Speakers 2019

“To Earn More, You

Must Learn More”

– Brian Tracy

7. Mel Robbins

Born: October 6 , 1968 (Robbins  age is 51 years old)

Tv Shows: Monster In Laws

Mel Robbins Have Three Children

Top Books: The 5 Second Journal

– Mel Robbins Full Biography – Click Here

Mel Robbins - Motivational Speakers 2019 -

New Definition Of Confidence – Mel Robbins

All the research about confidence points to something we’ve all bought into a lie, we’ve bought into a lie that confidence is believing in self, and so when you’re in a situation which is normally where you don’t believe in yourself you’re like, Oh my god I have no confidence.

The truth is and I want you to walk out of here with the new definition of confidence.

Confidence is the willingness to try because when you try and you take action what happens and what happened,  for all people is that she sees herself taking action, and what happens is she sees herself being the kind of person that takes action so she has evidence that she can rely on herself and that action is what build confidence, it doesn’t start with belief.

The real way, the real way for most of us is not to wait to believe, but push ourselves to act and through the action, you will build the belief.

Mel Robbins Is World No.7 Motivational Speakers 2019

“your doubts create the mountain

your action moves them”

Mel Robbins

8. Daymond John

Born: February 23, 1969, (Daymond John age is 50 years old)

Net worth: US$300 Million 2018

Top books: The Power Of Broke

Daymond John Has 2 Children

Daymond John Full Biography – Click Here

daymond john - motivational speakers 2019

– We All Have Same Power

I was in the back of a cab and out there in the middle of the traffic, there was a car, I’m not sure if it was a ‘65 mustang or something of that nature and there was a little old lady, and she was just driving along and going about her business,

Next to her,

Same exact car and this car was spinning and the wheels were smoking and it was just loud, but this car had so much power, you can tell that this car was a monster, it was was a perfect machine, and I remember the cab driver at the time look at me and said, “You see that? There are two people driving the same exact car. There’s this little cute lady who’s driving the car. She has no idea the power underneath that hood.

And that guy is going to get a display of power ticket, and I realized,

We all have same exact power . We’re all built the same exact way.

Daymond John Is World No.8 Motivational Speakers 2019

“Don’t wait for the perfect time you will wait forever

Always take advantage of the time that you’re given”

Daymond John

9. Jack Canfield

Born: August 19, 1944 (Jack Canfield age is 75 years old)

Jack Canfield Has 5 Children

Top Books: The Success Principles

– Jack Canfield Full Biography – Click Here

Jack canfield - motivational speakers 2019

– Jack Canfield Success Princeples

You may thing that something as small as being optimistic won’t change much about your life, have you ever this line just because I’m.

It doesn’t mean the world is not to get me, now that may be a joke, but many people believe the deck is stacked against them people who are reverse paranoids otherwise known as optimists use the same consistent thinking, but they believe that the world is plotting to do them good, everything that happens is pushing them in the right direction.

This attitude breeds more good thoughts so why not practice to become a reverse paranoids, start seeing obstacles as opportunity to grow and change when your presentations doesn’t get sale, see it as an opportunity to create better presentation and become better at your job see the task that gives you some power to change rather than the failure that makes you feel powerless.

Look for the seed of something better when everything is going wrong almost everyone sees getting laid off as a bad thing, but even if your job to be over end always feel sad, not inspiring, the end of one job however always holds the promise of the new beginning of the next job.

If you look at it that way you’re focusing on what a reverse paranoid thinks about identify the great benefit in every vent soon you’ll start to see that good is not an accident. But something you create with your attitudes.

Jack Canfield Is World No.9 Motivational Speakers 2019

Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances

you miss when you don’t even try”

– Jack Canfield

10. Les Brown

Born: February 17, 1945 (Les Brown age is 74 years old)

Les Brown Has 4 Children

Top Books: Live Your Dreams

– Les Brown Full Biography – Click Here

Le brown - motivational speakers 2019

 – It’s Not Over Until I Win – Les Brown

I remember I was playing with my nine-year-old son “John Leslie”

And I beat him 10 straight games, in a game called “Connect Four. And finally, I said, ‘John Les, Now I’m bored. I don’t want to play not anymore. And I got up; I said I’m ready to go to sleep now.

John Leslie said, ‘no, you can’t go now, Dad’. Did I say why? He said It’s not over until I win. That was his attitude. We sat down and we played several other games. And finally after the 11th game, John Lesile Won.

he got up and he yawned. he said I’m ready to go to sleep now’. I’m saying to you what if all of us took that attitude after we face rejection and I know, we have a meeting and no one show up or somebody says you can count on me and they don’t come through. What if we have that kind of attitude, nobody believes in you, you’ve lost again and again and again. The lights are cut off, but you’re looking at your dream, reviewing it every day, and say to yourself. It’s Not Over Until I Win.

Les Brown Is World No.10 Motivational Speakers 2019

“Too Many Of Us Are Not Living Our Dreams

Because We Are Living Our Fears”

– Les Brown

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