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What Is Motivation In Management?

What is motivation in management? Motivation is an art which managers promote productivity in their employees. Motivation is an internal factor that stimulates desired energy in people to be continually interested and committed to a job, role or subject, or to make an effort to attain a goal.

“motive”, means idea, need emotion or organic state which promotes a man to action. The motive is an internal factor that integrates a man’s behavior. As the motive is within the individual, is it necessary to study needs, emotions, etc. in order to motivate him to work. So, What is motivation in management is a process of getting the need of the people realized with a view to induce them to work for the accomplishment of the organizational objective. Indeed, motivation is nothing but an act inducement.

Author’s Definition Of Motivation

  • Stanley Vance defines motivation as, “any emotion or desire which so conditions one’s will that the individual is propelled into action.
  • Robert Dubin defines motivation, “as the complex of forces standing and keeping a person at work in an organization.”
  • Beach defines motivation as a willingness to expend energy to achieve a goal or a reward.”
What Is Motivation In Management

– Nature of Motivation

1. What Is Motivation In Management is an unending process

Man is a social animal has innumerable wants to satisfy which induce him to work all want cannot be satisfied at one time

2. What Is Motivation In Management is a psychological concept

What is motivation in management is a psychological concept that comes from inside the individual? The inner feeling balances the perception of an individual and satisfaction of his needs that influence, that direction, volume, behavior, and limitations of a force of an individual.

3. The whole individual is motivated

Each individual is an integrated organized whole part of him cannot be motivated because motivation is a psychological concept that is concerned with the whole individual.

4. Frustrated man cannot be motivated

If a man fails in satisfying any of his basic needs in spite of his best efforts, he becomes frustrated and to some extent mentally ill.

What Is Motivation In Management

5. Goals are motivators

Goals and motives are inseparable. A man works to achieve some individual goals. As soon as the goals are achieved he will be no longer interested in work. The goal means satisfaction of needs.

6. The self-concept as a unifying force

Unifying forces run through each individual’s history. Unifying force means the drive to actualize his own image. The outline of a person’s self-image is fairly well realized in his early childhood and in his later age, he acts accordingly. Thus two things that an individual is always trying to do are To act like a person he thinks he is and

  1. To act like a person he thinks he is and
  2. To get what he thinks he can.
What Is Motivation In Management

7. Motivation is system oriented

Motivation is the result of the interplay among three groups of factor

  • Influence operating within an individual I.e., his goals needs values.
  • Influence operating within the organization I.e., organization structure, technology, physical facilities, nature of job etc.
  • operating in the external environment i.e., culture custom norm, etc. of the society.

8. Motivation can be positive or negative

Positive motivation implies the use of incentives such as an increase in pay, reward, promotion etc. for better work, while negative motivation is to the emphasis on penalties such as deduction in salary,

What Is Motivation In Management

– What Is Motivation in Management

1. Proper utilization of human resource

Motivation induces a man to work and it results in increased production and productivity because men try to put their efforts to produce more and more for benefits of the organization and thus efficiency increase.

2. Best utilization of other resources

All other resources except human resources can produce not results unless the men try to put them in action. Men should be motivated to carry out plans, policies and programs let down by the organization by utilizing the other resource to best their efforts.

3. Willingness to work

The function of motivation influence the willingness of people to work and will come from within. It may be possible that a man has a capacity to walk and he is physical, mentally and technically fit for work but he may not be willing to work.

4. The building of good relations

All the members of the staff concentrate their efforts to achieve the objective of the organization and carry out the plans in accordance with the policies and programs laid down by the organization if the management introduces motivational plans. Both parties workers and management have got benefited by such plans.

5. Basis of co-operation

In a zeal to produced more the members work as a team to pull down weight effectively, to get their loyalty to the group and to the organization, to carry out properly the activities allocated and generally to play an efficient part in achieving the goals which the organization has undertaken.

6. The improvement upon skill and knowledge

All the members will try to be as efficient as possible and to improve upon their skill and knowledge so that they may be able to contribute to the progress of the organization as much as possible.

7. Build human relations

Motivation builds human relations because the human concept of labor is treated as a human being. He behaves like a man and not a commodity. This attitude contributes to motivating the person at work.

What Is Motivation In Management

Employee Motivation

  1. Company Policies
  2. Status
  3. Relationship
  4. Supervision
  5. Job security
  6. Pay and benefits
  7. Working conditions
What Is Motivation In Management

1. Company Policies

If company policies are not only in fever on companies, but fever of employee, the employee will be motivated.

2. Status

If organization provides status to the employee for the hard work and for their progress, the employee will be motivated.

3. Relationship

If employee creates a friendly or a very healthy relationship with the employee, then employees will feel good while performing the work.

4. Supervision

It’s very important to supervise the employee, while supervision and employee can check the problems which employees facing during the work, he can provide the training, or he can gives some tips to overcome those troubles, and those employees not feel loneliness, or neglected at the workplace.

5. Job security

If employees provide job security to the employee, an employee not thinking about losing a job and will give those best efforts during the performance.

6. Pay and benefit

The employee should motivate the employee to do harder and should give some benefits former pays or incentives, the employee feels motivated and does hard work for company.

7. Working conditions

Working conditions is very important role for motivating employee at the workplace. When the working condition is better, employed feel them served as a part of the organization, they think management is thinking about their need and their health, so is the duty is their responsibility to give them efforts to make happy to an organization with their hard work.

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